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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 11 July 2009
Gestation: 37weeks 1day
Weight at Birth: 3.438kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 36cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 23 March 2013
Gestation: 40 Weeks
Weight at Birth: 3.84kg
Length: 51cm
Head Circumference: 35cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Birth Story

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YuanMei: hahaha! he so cute! Aww, i wna pinch him. hahaha!

his skin veri tender lehs. dun u feel like kissin him more den pinching him? =p

♥Etrini-: choii ~ i will ask the bf to sit on the old cow . comfirm die ! hahaha
i like baby darius make the face loh , super cute !

LOL. u siao one lar. chubchub come out liaos not? SMS u so mani times no repli >.< when ur chubchub come out liaos u confirm find her the cutest!

Sandy: Handsome hor he!! Hope to see him soon =)

mayb after my confinement i jio all of u out hao lian my boy to u all =p

Yanwen ♥♥: he is super cute!! I like his funny expression man! HAHAHA! Anyway u can buy milk bags? those tiny ziplock for storing milk. I bought that last time, then need use that time, pour into bottles then heat up. Engorge v pain right! like rock!

yeah lor. he got alot of funni expression especially the O shape of the mouth whenever he finish poo-ing. make me laugh onli lor! i intend to buy the milk bag but my fren sae she haf, so she will pass to me! bottles all using up soon! and truly agree wif u, rock-like breast is realli terrible!

passerby: hi, hear people saying that you'll have to go check up 3time or 2time a week before the due date, iszit ex?

depending on ur gynae. usually around 32 weeks onwards ur gynae would wan to see u once everi 2 weeks instead of monthly liaos. and abt 37weeks onwards dey may wan to see u everi week. if u haf dilate dey may even wan to see u 2 times per week. my check up at KKH is abt $74 each time at the private suite.

Tingting: omg! i tell you. cant belive darius one week old le. when will be my turn!!

ur turn will be soon. anytime from nw! scarly tomorrow u SMS me tell me u pop liaos!

Yanwen ♥♥: The CL sucks to the core! You must be v heartpain!

yeah. super heart pain. he is my baobei son lehs! arghs. but now she is gone! i can haf a peaceful sleep knowing that nobodi will b harming my boy animore

jaCq: it's really up to u if u want 6-in-1 or other kind cos i'm not sure if polyclinic have 6-in-1 or not. i took 6-in-1 cause have acc with my clinic ma then deduct can le, so bu yong bai bu yong ma.. lOl~ btw, r u eating too much ginger, or ginger-cooked food? ginger eat too much will cause yellowish in baby if BF. take moderate amt, dont take too much.

girl, i working in polyclinic lar. u blur head. cck polyclinic got 6-in-1. hahas! but mine cannt deduct from my side lor. sad. polyclinic is abt $350 for 1st month - 18th month. but KKH is asking about $600 for 2nd month to 18th month and chickenpox. sob. super hard to choose sia! i got eat stuff cooked wif ginger but i dun eat the ginger bcos dey sae onli if eat den baby will yellow mar. not correct mehs?

sally: hi gal,u can try to put darius under the light at night,cos one of my friend's gynae told her, and the uv light is the same like our normal white light i dun knw is true anot but when i try for my baby boy the jaundice drop quite fast...:)hope will help

my dad was telling me that too! and im realli wondering. so aniwae, will try that out. i dun mind trying aniting! thanks for letting me know also! my aunt did sae that it will helped, but not much bcos it's not strong enuff. but still will on the light for tonight till abt 12am (:

Yvonne: Hey, dont worry. you can try my method. baby Dawn was so high up till need admit for 2days for uv light. but after that stuck. never go up/down. so, some mommies teach me say go herbal shop tell them you want to bring down the jaundice level. its a big reddish seed. you need to boil till th smell come out and water become yellow. then let it cool down first before you bath your baby. wet a cloth with that water then wipe ur baby face. that water cannot be drink ah! very effective. you can try. jaundice chinese cal "huang dan". =) gd luck!

yeah yeah. got ppl also tell me to bath bb wif the chinese herbs. i did bought that. and alot of version of story lor! some say just bath wif it. i hear some say let them smell it. my dad say put it under the head. wahs, alot verison. so nw ive alreadi smash and put it under the head underneath the cloth and bath him wif the herbs. so next 1 is to let him smell it! thanks for all this advise! :D

Angeline: Hehe! I just got back from my Detailed scan... Heard from the lady that my baby is of average size and weight... lucky not small size... Hahas.. and confirmed is a boy liao.. I saw his kuku bird. =x Wahahahas... Super happy... can be friend with your Darius. =)

LOL. even if is girl also nevermind mar. my baby darius can choose whether wan to b his future gf or not or his wife or one of his gfs =p tummy small or u didnt gain weight doesn mean that bb is small size, so dun worriew! :D