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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 11 July 2009
Gestation: 37weeks 1day
Weight at Birth: 3.438kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 36cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 23 March 2013
Gestation: 40 Weeks
Weight at Birth: 3.84kg
Length: 51cm
Head Circumference: 35cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Birth Story

Monday, August 17, 2009

everitime aniting happen to baby darius, u all onli know hw to blame me. haf i ever blame u all for aniting?

when baby darius jaundice wun go down, u all blame me for feeding breastmilk and dun wanna feed him formula. when baby darius came down wif flu, u all blame me for on-ing the air con thus he got flu even thou i said that he got the flu onli after he shower, might catch a cold during bathing time but u all insist is i cause the flu. when baby cries and wanna be carry, u all blame me for spoiling baby darius causing him to haf this bad habit. when u all are sleeping, u all wakes up and ask why is baby crying and gif me irritating face.when when he kept jumping during his sleep, u all blame me for bringing him out for too long and sae not to bring him out so long in the future and question me why he is jumping in his sleep.

everiting is my fault. wad abt u all? veri considerate huh. never closes the door gently even when u all knw tat he is sleeping. never bother to lower down ur volume even thou u all know that i haf a hard time making him sleep. on the tv loudly when u all know tat he's asleep. playing wif him when im trying to train him to be independent by not responsing to his fake cries. blah blah blah. list can go on and on. yet im alwaes the one being blame! fcuk!