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Thursday, August 20, 2009

pls support !

changing maid soon! now waiting for dad to haf time to go down to agency and change maid. wondering it's too bad luck for me or wad. bad confinement nanny, now bad maid. at first she did everiting veri well. jus that i find her not absorbing wad i teach her veri well. but im ok as long as she is willing to learn. but later on i realised that she doesn wan to learn at all. i teach her jus 1 sec before and ask her to show me, yet it's still wrong! the worst happened abt 3days ago. she started chatting on her hp at 815pm. i kept her hp in the day and night time she would ask from me. that day she said that she need to charge her phone. hence ask from me earlier and i gaf it to her. so 815pm she started chattin on the phone. fast forward, 1015pm still on phone. brother coming back so i asked her to hang up and heat up the food and then i start to ask her. our conversation below:

me: hw long did u talk on the phone
maid: i duno
me: u tell me hw long
maid: i tink around 1 hr
me: 815pm i alreadi hear u on the phone, look at the time nw and tell me hw long alreadi
maid: but i onli talk to my husband at 850pm
me: before that?
maid: i talk to my aunty
me: so? wad did i tell u on the first dae u come
-silent for a long time-
me: tell me wad i tell u on the first dae
*walk out of the kitchen to the dining table outside*
maid: come back here and talk, mdm
me: (stand at dinning table bcos angry that she ask me to go back talk!) u tell me wad i tell u on the first dae
maid: im using my phone to talk
me: on the 1st dae i tell u can onli talk 30mins right. i tell u u wan to talk everidae ok, but not more then 30mins
maid: at agency i ask u can i use phone u say can
me: at agency u ask me can use phone, i say can, bcos u didnt sae everidae. come here u tell me everidae u wan i tell u ok, but cannt more then 30mins. everidae let u talk still talk so long
maid: im using my own phone and it's my rest time. tat time at agency u say can use
me: rest time means sleeping. not for u to talk on the phone for hrs. u everiting also say agency right, tomorrow i call ur agent and ask ur agent talk to u
maid: but u got nothing for me to do
me: i can ask u to clean the window but i didnt. u wan i can ask u to go and clean the window nw make up that 2hrs to me. from the dae u come till nw, i haven ask u to clean window hor. i tomorrow onwards use nappy, then u got tings to do liao. u wash nappy enuff ok.
-maid go silent. LL and sis interupt-

u see this kind of maid! wah lao. still dare to argue wif me. fcuk her lor. then after tat she return the phone to me. i wanna lock it up. but i forget where i take the key. so i jus carry it wif me. den i feel that i should check her phone see isit realli talking to her hubby. but when i on, it says, insert sim card! she thought she smart. i tell my sister immediately and tell her if we dun stop her, then she will confirm go and get another phone to use. and i put in my sim card to check on the SMS. guess wad i found? another maid, asking her when is her offday, bring her to orchard plaza disco see handsome guys. and on the 1st dae alreadi tell my maid, as long as her loan is not paid off, we wun gif her off dae. and she sae ok. suddenly come tell me that her aunt's birthdae. at first i still believe. but until i see the SMS, sorriew lor, i wun ever believe u again.

dad saes change to one indo maid. im dead meat bcos i duno melayu. can onli use sign language! LOL.

been telling family members that i dun wanna work. wanna stay home and look after baby darius together wif maid. see this maid like this realli makes me feel like quitting job immediately! but if i do that, ive to gif them 1 months' pae. and also, my bonus! tats why i hope my blogshop will earn me some money. and hopefully in the future, stable money and i can realli stop working. still importing more stuff. it'll be ladies, babies & kids items (: do support ok?

aniwae, haf started baby darius on nappy todae! and he realli gif face to my maid, i haf change the diaper 2 times, and he have yet to poo! >.< his formula is finishing. so gonna start on total breastfeeding(again) soon! super happy abt that :D he's been a rather gd boy lately, not much of fussing which is gd! nw feeding hi 90ml of milk liaos. but isit lil? bcos alot of people by nw alreadi feed like 110ml. duno whether i should change to teat 2 also or not. bcos i saw that teat 2 is for 1 month onwards. nw he is more then 1 month. everiting i also duno lor! sian sia. haf to go and research.

jus order somemore stocks (: