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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 11 July 2009
Gestation: 37weeks 1day
Weight at Birth: 3.438kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 36cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 23 March 2013
Gestation: 40 Weeks
Weight at Birth: 3.84kg
Length: 51cm
Head Circumference: 35cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Birth Story

Monday, September 14, 2009

new maid came on thurs and im super happi. tat was before she came lor. happi bcos finally i can haf more rest, dun need to do household chores. but when he come on thurs, super sian. bcos got communication problem. haf u ever encounter anibodi telling u that their philippino maid cannt understand wad dey are talkin abt?!

at first when she come, my dad tell me that her english not veri gd. my dad ask her ting, she dun understand and even repli another ting. and after facing her for this few daes, i can sae, my blood vessel is exploding! i dun mind that she learn tings slowly. but the problem is, she is slow bcos she dun understand wad im talking abt! if like tat, can take forever lor! and i dun haf forever to let her learn. im going back to work in like 3 weeks time? and she abit cock eyes. i tell her, u see that green green bottle? take. then she will tell me, green? where? right in front of her ok >.< other then tat, the learning part is ok. and i super hate it when, dun understand still yes mdm. yes mdm simi la. make people dulan onli.

went to office to submit baby darius's BC bcos dey need it. duno for wad sia. i thought the hospital tingy alreadi enuff to proof ive gifen birth? =x aniwae, jackson sae why i slim down so fast! okies, he abit stupid bcos the last time he saw me, like 1 month ago, he sae 'u haven go slimming ah'. and 1 month ago & nw, i never slim dao bcos my weight remain!

fri going to KKH for my follow up appt. finally ahs. ive this stupid pain in my urine thingy there ever since i gif birth and haf not been seeing doc even thou it's like 2 months plus after delivery. reason? save money ma. plus i not comfortable been seen down there by other doc which are not gynae lor. muhahahhas. after tat going to tele visit hubby at tpy bcos jurong centre is fully book for that dae.

baby darius is more and more plaeful nowades. more smiley also. and he veri naughty. sometimes when he wan ppl to plae wif him, i plae wif him & talk to him. but he dun wan. why?! he wan some other people to plae wif him! he know mummy other time also can, when got other people around, he wan other people. bully!

happi that i can fit into ALL my pre preg clothing except for those tight at the breast, which is super sad. bcos this top that i like is button one. and when i force to button up the button at the breast level, it actualli pop out! fcuk lor. i cant wear tat animore :( i realli like tat top. bought it at bangkok when i went wif hubby the last time. sigh.

no pay for this month! hw am i going to survive! money pls drop from the sky. zhu ahyi, i learn my mistake. will never lend other people money animore liaos. no more soft hearted. end up suffer de is myself bcos dey will tell me no money to return me! total money still out there is $500! almost half of my pae liaos. sob!