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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 11 July 2009
Gestation: 37weeks 1day
Weight at Birth: 3.438kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 36cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 23 March 2013
Gestation: 40 Weeks
Weight at Birth: 3.84kg
Length: 51cm
Head Circumference: 35cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

she say.. she will return me $10 every 2 weeks. if got more she will return me more. do u guys believe her words? she still owe me $90. so every 2 weeks $10 = 18weeks. i can get pregnant again and 18 weeks = almost half of my pregnancy term liaos. LOL.

so i text her: 2weeks $10 = 18 weeks for $90. i dont see why u can go shopping, eat gd food buy onli return me $10 everi 2 weeks. if u got money will return me u would haf done so earlier and not make me chase after u and gif stupid excuses. why not u return me all money and survive on $10 everi 2 weeks?

harsh? i dun hw am i harsh. when i dun even bear to spend money to eat fast food even when i crave for it and she can go those cafe and eat. but indeed i haf to praise her for somethin. her acting skill! why? she can call me and cry saying hw bad her family treated her etc. but the fact is, dey love her boy to nuts and is supporting her boy for her. tell me, hw to sae her acting skill not gd! even if nw she come in front of me and cry, i would think whether she's acting. sorriew ahs, but ive enuff of all the nonesense. i truly believe her and end up, i realised everithing is a lie.

in case u all wonderin why i lend it to her. she sae she wanna find job. but haf no clothing that fits, she need to get new clothing to fit her after pregnancy shape and go for job interview. think also quite reasonable wad. interview cannt anihw wear right. so i lend her. and i bet she spend on eye lash, nose stud, hair treatment, dye, shopping. BUT NOTHING for job interview & on her boy. somehow, i pity her boy bcos the mother finds that since got her family to support her son, then she doesn need to do aniting. since got free thing, why bother to work and support her own son right.

people, if u are not mature enuff and is irresponsible, den dun gif birth and burden ur family. if u wanna gif birth, then get ur ass out there to look for a job rather then asking money from ur family to pae for ur babies stuff or get a bf and then spend bf money ok? dun tell me single mum veri xinku blah. i went thru it all, so come and tell me abt it! and yes, im insensitive. has!

money people owe me:

banana $400
S $90
andrew $600

wahs, got $1k sia! but all fcukin hell dun wan return me! tat banana MIA after i tell him im pregnant. nw reappear, tat time return me $100(out of $500 that i lend him) and then MIA again nw tell me he jobless and jus started new job. andrew, owe got 2yrs liao lor! $2k+ owe till nw haven finish paying! and when i text him recently, bo repli. see lar, stupid for so mani times liaos. i wun b stupid animore.