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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 11 July 2009
Gestation: 37weeks 1day
Weight at Birth: 3.438kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 36cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Natural Vagina Birth with Epidural

Birthday: 23 March 2013
Gestation: 40 Weeks
Weight at Birth: 3.84kg
Length: 51cm
Head Circumference: 35cm
KKH Women's & Children Hospital

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Birth Story

Saturday, September 5, 2009

went to causeway todae to meet up wif cindy. waited veri long for her lor! bcos her phone on silent mode, so i keep calling and sms, also no use until she ownself check the phone! >.< talk alot abt her and alfred. thereafter around 5pm she left. hang around for awhile bcos baby darius's feeding time is reaching, so went to walk around. saw metro hafing sales. super lots of people lar! after tat went to nursing room and feed baby darius. den went to kiddy palace bcos i wanna see something (suddenly forget wad i wanna see) and while walking i saw a veri familiar face and wanted to go up and confirm the person and behind me someone call "yiling!" turn and ta-dah! violin and the familiar face is her husband terence lar! hahahas! and so she sae walk tog. and suddenly baby tiara cry and need to b nurse. so went to nursing room tog. and baby darius was sleeping happily when suddenly those kids (horrible lar. duno wad their parents doing) knock in baby darius's pram and he wake up start to cry! and he wanna sleep and wanted to b carried & rock to sleep. and i haf a super hard time. violin and terence was in the room and hearing baby darius crying all the wae. why?

bcos i decide to change his diaper and it's freaking cold in there. i dun understand why nursing room are alwaes so cold. same for jurong point and vivo's one. all so cold lor! but aniwae, the kids there are super horrible. dey run here and there. duno their parents where one. in the nursing room one of the girl bump into baby darius's pram which baby darius is actualli sleeping peacefully in. end up he got woken up and started crying bcos the pram is not moving, he cant sleep. he needs to b carried & rock to sleep by me! so i try to rock but he still cryin bcos it's cold. then i decide to change his diaper let him haf a clean butt to sleep. but bcos it's cold, he cry all the wae and later vomitted on himself and i haf to change his clothing also. cry even louder >.< after everiting is done then realised wad's the time! 7th month i haf to go home by 7pm! check time. 645pm! sae baby to terence and violin then chiong home!

random random:

nowadaes if baby darius wakes up around 5am or abit earlier/later, i will carry him onto my bed and latch him while asleep. and we'll usually both fall asleep. and ever since dae 1 i did that, ive been kicked out of my bed everi single dae by him. hw he kick me out bcos he so small right? he haf this habit of sleeping straight and while sleeping he will twist his small lil butt butt. twist and twist. twist and twist. and his butt butt will slowly move towads the right tog wif the leg. i remb once he started making abit of noise in his sleep. and the reason? his leg is caught in between the cot and he cant twist to move around, so we haf to move the leg so it's no longer caught >.< and i alwaes sleep on the right side bcos aftr tat is empty, dun wan him to drop down. left side is the cot, so he wun drop. and everitime he move closer to me. i will move awae bcos i wun ever touch him when he sleep unless necessary as i do not wish to wake him up. and end up? i will alwaes move till no space and wake up!

for 4 days in a row, he haf been pee-ing + poo-ing tog while i changing diaper. it's realli okie if he poo or pee. just one of each and not tog. bcos it's gonna b a mess when pee + poo is being mixed tog esp when it can flow! and so it will flow onto him and he will alwaes smile at me after tat! should laugh or cry u tell me! >.< and i know he's doing it purposely. but it's 4days in a row lor. and make me duno where i should place him bcos the changing mat is dirty. and i cannt jus put him on the bed bcos his clothes haf those poo and pee. so the last 2 days wad i did is, put him on newspaper! muahahhas.

was telling dad tat alfred is going to philipines soon for his training. and suddenly he tell me, u dun so close wif him hor. u nw tog wif johnny liao, alfred is ur ex. dun so close wif him. i was quite stun when i hear tis lar. but after tat i repli him, johnny see him before lor! dey know each other one. he kept quiet for awhile and repli, still he is ur ex. if u are wif johnny u should avoid being so close wif ur ex. >.< hello daddy! me and him broke up hw mani yrs liaos u know ma? me and johnny alreadi tog for 3yrs lehs! and before johnny, after alfred, u haf seen a few bfs of mine also. and those u never see u also duno lor. u tink he haven get over me meh! those times when he go to ur stall(when im helping my dad work) and drunk and behaving like siao kia. MIA and nearly got run over. kanna scolded by his dad for making his son like that. all this are the PAST! it's alreadi over long long time ago lar! he is alreadi over me. and we are FRENS! cannt b lover can b fren wad -.-