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Thursday, October 8, 2009

im super lazy. so jus let me blog a veri short one and sumarised the past few daes.

tues went to visit hubby. the whole ting was being delayed bcos dey sae changi doesn haf enuff room. to me is crap. if u dun haf enuff room then hw come u haf the slots? shouldnt the rooms & slot be equal no.? else wad's the point? and i book a 2.55pm slot. counting baby darius feeding time, is jus nice naering the end of the tele visit he will wan to be feed. who knows it delayed for more then 20mins. when it is delayed for 10mins, i ask the officer whether i can go and feed baby darius first, and let them delay awhile longer, i dun mind! but the officer sae they called up changi side alreadi and dey are preparing him. then i ask them, why not i jus stand outside & feed, when it's my turn u all jus go out and call me? then dey gif me a face, sae tat alreadi preparing liaos. den i think, ok lar, nevermind awhile more nia. but 10mins later, still not done, then dey ask me isit bottle feed, i tell them breastfeed. so dey let me go into the room and ask me to switch off the lights, else dey can see wad im doing. dey ask me to feed first.

feeding halfwae i saw hubby appearing. LOL. but i kept quiet all the while lar. i jus look at his blur face in the tv and continue feeding baby darius. has! after finish feeding then i went out and tell them im done, dey start all over again. bcos der's timer. each visit onli 30mins. chatted wif hubby halfwae baby darius started to scream. we cant even talk properly bcos his scream is so loud and kept interrupting us. so i pat him to sleep & he fall asleep. but when i go out put him in pram, he wake up cry awhile then gimmie happy smile >.< he purposely one lar.

wed, met ym at cck then violin at woodlands. took train down to novena. onli etrini and her hubby is there alreadi. went to united square bcos dey haf nursing room & baby tiara need to be fed. thereafter etrini came to meet us there. everione was veri hungry so settle on thai express. sophia & meiyan met us there. didnt realli walk much, mostly spent at nursing room or jus outside nursing room chit chat. then proceed to starbucks. saw cotton on kids there & bought a polo romper for baby darius. chit chat & left abt 6.30pm. took train home.

todae, went to office bcos dey need to set up my workdesk. change sitting plan alreadi, hence my workdesk may not be done & my computer also may need to be set. but by the time i went in the IT guy is alreadi gone. so i jus went to check out everithing myself. after everithing is done, i went to clear my emails. i haf 300+ email. i think is considered little alreadi. why so lil? bcos no space liao lor. has! after clearing email, hang around awhile & left for winnie place. it's manny 3yrs old birthdae (:

jus a mini gathering of a few frens. some i know some i dun. haf steamboat chit chat. but same, most of my time is spent pacifing baby darius bcos he's so tired but cant sleep der. finally left around 10pm. home sweet home & im so shag.

shall pretend to go to work tml and see hw, since im realli going to work on sat liaos. sad.