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Monday, October 19, 2009

wanted to blog on sundae. but all the uploading of videos and pictures took the whole dae simply bcos the file is so big. and im stupid to go and upload finish all 100+ pictures den realised it's too big and ive to resize the upload again! so ended up it took me the whole dae to do it.

aniwae, some updates. work is gd and im still taking fenugreek. i duno isit the fenugreek that is helping wif my supply now. but this afternoon miracle happen. all the while im pumping 100-140ml. if i haf 160ml i will be super happy. but so far it happen onli once. even this morning i took a long time to just pump 100ml. i used to take 10-15mins the max to finish pumping. was never a problem. even when i use to yield 300ml of milk, it still takes me 15mins the max to pump. but as my supply is going down down down, i decide i should try to take longer time to pump, relax and not rush my pumping time. and for the first time i got 160ml. from then on i took almost 30mins each time to pump. but, it must be luck that i manage 160ml that time bcos after that all my supply remain at 120-140ml.

i started from 2 caps of fenugreek a day to 3 to 4 to now, 9 caps per dae. which is alreadi the max! and this morning still, i yield onli 100ml. nevermind. i went to pump in the noon and surprise surprise, i yield 180ml! super happi i tell u. imagine i used to yielf 300ml+ and nw onli 100ml-140ml. 180ml is definitely a bonus to me! but i calculate if i take 9caps of fenugreek per dae and 1 bottle of fenugreek onli have 100caps, it meant that i finish almost 1 bottle everi 9days. so if a month haf 28days and i divide it by 9 meant that i have to buy at least 3 bottles per month and each bottle cost abt $27 at GNC after my member discount. so total per month i haf to pae at least $81 for the fenugreek. big investment!

worst ting is that my menses comes! super shitty i tell u. i went to google the breastfeed and menses thingy. it says that if baby is feeding lesser feed a day, then most prob is the cause of why the menses will comes. and true, darius is nw skipping abt 2-3 times of his night feed bcos he sleeps longer. which mean i waste abt 2-3 times of milk. so since no milking for say 2times per 3 hours meaning 6hrs, it's a decrease. and so, it causes me to have menses. and the fcuking ting is, when i haf menses, my milk supply decreases too! and ym sae bcos blood = milk = blood. true. and im wasting all this blood when i can turn it into milk to gif baby darius! >.<

work sucks too. there's not a dae yet that i can b okie wif it. the day would either b veri veri busy. or veri veri relax. and this morning i went to work and nearly fall asleep. my mind is alreadi switchin off. i guess baby darius realli is a gd trainer. he manage to train me to keep my eyes open big but my brain falling asleep. i use to do that and plae wif him. wonder hw i did it.

2 nights before, i woke up at 3am in the morning bcos i heard baby darius wakes up. went around to his cot and i was shock. his head was supposed to be facing the right side, but when i saw him it's facing the left side. and he was sleeping in his cot, meaning that there's barrier all over. how did he manage to turn himself over? not possible right. bcos he would haf hit his head or caught his hands and legs in between. but he didnt. i asked my dad did he came home and carry baby darius then place him in that position. he sae he didnt came home at all. so.. who did it? or i sleepwalk and place hm there and i didnt know? it's super scary. made me think did i do something without me realising again!

on half dae. thats why im blogging nw. the stupid MOH have made pneumoccocal complusory. and mind u it isnt cheap. it cost $190 at my PD. MOH said that we can use $300 from our medisave for pneumoccocal and Hep B per calender yr. but i called my PD, dey sae dey doesn haf the medisave thigy, onli CDA acc. but im not married, so no CDA acc also. and i think onli polyclinic can use this medisave. why dun govt subsidised them! super hate it. so it meant that baby darius haf to go 2 places for injeciton jus bcos the PD side doesn allow use of medisave.

aniwae, dun even need to bother to call up NHG Polyclinics yet for the pneumoccocal. bcos dey doesn haf the stocks yet. it will onli arrive in dec. and hw much will it cost and all is unknown yet. still pending for more informations. hw i know? bcos i work there lor -.-